....production with care

Kamas Spices started its journey by selling at bazaars. As of 1989 it produced spices and dry food and since 2009 it focused entirely on spice production as well as spice export and import.

In the years of pedlar 's trade, with the advantage of being in close contact with society Kamas Spices fully understood the requests and needs of customers. Since then, without sacrificing quality it maintains its innovative, dynamic, reliable and sincere structure and offers its precious products which are obtained from nature in the most natural form and under healthy and hygienic conditions.

In order to keep our culture alive, Kamas Spices protects our net worth with products which are produced from the resources growing in our country. Our focus in trade is mainly on export thanks to the rich diversity of plants that grow in our country. Thus, our goal is to increase our recognition and to be preferred in international markets.

Be ready for a discovery of culture with the flavors bridging over the past and present in every package in which we reach you…

Our Mission:

As from the day it was established, with its successful practices and understanding of production that makes no concessions on quality Kamas Spices aims to offer quality service putting emphasis on green consciousness and customer-focused practices.

Our Vision:

Kamas Spices aims to be branded internationally making use of advanced technology efficiently together with a qualified, reliable and consistent growth.

Business Approach

Our business is our value. Business should be on time and practical; as the time is the most valuable thing. And our time is valuable.

Our Principles

Hygiene and sanitation, business awareness, business organization and order, favorableness , respect.